12 April 2020

As at 8pm, Saturday 11 April 2020, an additional 7 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, since 8pm 10 April.

Whilst this appears promising news, it should be noted there was a decrease in testing on Easter Saturday with just 840 tests compared to 3,515 in the previous day.

Cases Count
Confirmed cases (incl. interstat​e residents in NSW health care facilities) 2,854
Deaths (in NSW from confirmed​ cases) 24
Cases tested and excluded 138,923
Total persons tested 141,777

Yesterday's total number of NSW cases has been revised down by 10 to 2,847. Nine patients tested in NSW labs have been identified today as residents of the ACT and Queensland and living in their home jurisdiction, and so have been removed from the NSW total. They will be included in the totals of those states. Another previously reported case has been excluded after it was found to be a false positive.

There are currently 218 COVID-19 cases being treated by NSW Health. This includes 30 cases in Intensive Care Units, and 21 of these require ventilators.

Sadly, NSW Health confirms the death of 1 person from COVID-19, bringing the state’s total deaths of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 24.

An 82-year-old male with pre-existing medical conditions died in hospital. He was a household contact of a confirmed case. NSW Health extends our condolences to his family.

There are 52 crew on board the Ruby Princess who are COVID-19 confirmed, up two cases since yesterday. Increased infection control measures have been implemented on the ship.

NSW Health is again urging anyone who is feeling unwell, particularly if they have a cough or a fever, to make us of the free COVID-19 clinics, ​visit their local GP or their nearest hospital. 

NSW Health is alerting passengers who were close contacts on flights to monitor for symptoms, and contact their GP, but call ahead first, or call healthdirect on 1800 022 222, or visit a NSW Health COVID-19/Flu assessment clinic should they become unwell.

A full list of flight details can be found at Known flights with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Confirmed cas​es to date

By sex and age​ group*

Age group​ Female Male Total
0-9 12 13 25
10-19 47 43 90
20-29 341 275 616
30-39 237 238 475
40-49 151 199 350
50-59 218 212 430
60-69 235 224 459
70-79 139 159 298
80-89 37 49 86
90-100 11 12 23

*Note: Excludes cases notified without a date of birth and/or gender.

By likely source of infection

Source Cases
Overseas acquired 1,766
Locally acquired – contact of a confirmed case and/or in a known cluster 708
Locally acquired – contact not identified 354
Under investigation 26
Total 2,854

* Counts reported for a particular day may vary over time with ongoing enhance surveillance activities. ​​​​​