NSW Health has partnered with Silver Chain Group to provide the Silver Chain Community Palliative Care Service in Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD).

The NSW Government recognises that the majority of patients with life-limiting illnesses want to be cared for in a home setting, rather than in hospital. By implementing this flexible care approach, patients and their families in the Western Sydney LHD can elect to be cared for in a home setting with access to hospices and hospitals when needed.

The service commenced in July 2017 and will be delivered over seven years, until July 2024 and will benefit more than 8,340 patients who have an advanced, progressive and life-limiting illness.

Patients and their families are provided with 24 hour, 7 day a week on-call access to quality end-of-life care, enabling patients to be cared for at home if that is their choice, and reducing the time that patients spend in hospital. Carers and families may be offered respite care, pastoral care and bereavement support.

Silver Chain is an established non-government organisation with over 35 years’ experience in delivering community-based palliative care services.

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Current as at: Wednesday 7 March 2018
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