The Whole of Health Program (WOHP) team sits within System Performance Support Branch in the Patient Experience and System Performance Division of the Ministry of Health (MoH) and specialises in the area of patient flow.

Our Support Framework provides an overview of how WOHP can support and mentor clinicians, managers and executive staff to improve patient flow and access to care.

The WOHP team members are from a diverse set of clinical and non-clinical backgrounds with varied and broad expertise, skills and experience.

The WOHP team draws upon subject matter expertise from across the Ministry of Health (MoH), including individuals and teams working to improve access to surgery/theatres and the Emergency Department and mental health services.

The central (MoH) team supports WOHP Leads in each Local Health District (LHD) and Speciality Health Network (SHN) to build local capability and to ensure change is locally designed and lead.

WOHP principles

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Improvement implementation
  • Capability development
  • Hospital
WOHP Principles are Subject matter expertise, knowledge sharing and collaboration, improvement impellenation, capability developement and hospital

WOHP deliverables

  • ​Onsite coaching support ​
  • Masterclass / Learning Sets ​
  • Patient Flow Collaborative Program ​
  • Capability Development Framework 
  • Diagnostic Framework
WOHP deliverables are ​Onsite coaching support,Masterclass / Learning Sets, Patient Flow Collaborative Program, Capability Development Framework and Diagnostic Framework

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact the WOHP team.

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