​A key strategy for The Whole of Health Program (WOHP) is the sharing of knowledge across the system to foster innovation and improve inter-facility /inter-district collaboration.

WOHP provides a number of knowledge sharing platforms and resources: 

The WOHP masterclass

The masterclass is WOHP's largest forum providing an opportunity for NSW Health staff to showcase local patient flow improvement initiatives, share learnings and drive system wide innovation.

WOHP hospital lead meeting

Monthly meetings for all WOHP leads across the state to come together to receive key system updates and share knowledge around current projects they are undertaking. 

The NSW Patient Flow Network

This is a forum for nominated patient flow leads within NSW local health districts/specialty health networks (LHDs/SHNs) to network, collaborate and problem solve on common challenges.

As a community of practice

This meeting provides opportunities for communicating statewide updates, joint problem solving and collaboration amongst key patient flow stakeholders. 

WOHP improvement guides

Support LHDs/SHNs to implement key patient flow improvement initiatives within their facilities. 

Change packages and strategy showcases

Highlight local innovations that are adaptable and scalable to different service settings. 

The WOHP TeamSite

contains resources and information to support WOHP leads and anyone involved in patient flow improvement.

If you are a NSW Health employee currently working in a related area and would like to find out more in relation to the above forums and resources, including access to the WOHP TeamSite, please email the WOHP team.

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