The Protecting People and Property Manual outlines NSW Health policy on key aspects of personal and property security that assist NSW Health Agencies to maintain an effective security program that is based on a structured, on-going risk management process, consultation, appropriate documentation and record keeping and regular monitoring and evaluation.

Chapter 25 has been amended to more explicitly require a program of "white level inspections" at each facility when the government security alert sits at high or above. 

Chapters 25, 26, 27, 29 and 30 have been updated to remove references to PD2005_234 - Incident - Effective Incident Response Framework for Prevention & Management in the Health Workplace - which has been made obsolete.

Chapter 14 has been revised to ensure consistency in content and language.  It does not amend the role of security staff, or change the Policy Statement.​​​

Page Updated: Friday 22 May 2015