These notifications are no longer valid and have been archived, please refer to the active SABS for a list of current items.
Safety Alert Red Safety Alert (Red), requiring immediate attention and action.
Safety Notice Amber Safety Notice (Amber), requiring risk assessment at the local level.
Safety Information Green Safety Information (Green), ensuring that lessons learned from state-wide, national and international sources are shared actively across the NSW health system.​

Number Type Issues covere​​d Date of issue
SN:007​​/17 Safety Notice Amber Etoposide preparations - Disruption to Supply 2 May 17
SA:003​​/16 Safety Alert Red Intravenous Metronidazole – Disruption to supply 9 Dec 16
​SN:007/16 Safety Notice Amber Surgical site infections associated with heater cooler devices ​4 Aug 2016
SN:006/16 Safety Notice Amber Etopophos (etoposide phosphate) powder for injection vials and Vepesid (etoposide) capsules - Disruption to Supply 27 Jul 16
SN:002/16 Safety Notice Amber Glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) tablets 3 Jun 16
SN:003/14 Safety Notice Amber Potassium Chloride BP 10m​​mol/10mL ampoules disruption to supply
Note: disruption to supply extended.
4 Aug 2014
SA:001/13 Safety Alert Red Risks associated with WockhardtTM morphine sulfate injection 10mg/mL (preserved) ampoules 1 May 2013
SA:005/12 Safety Alert Red Recall Ventolin & Asmol Inhalers - 10 batches 24 Dec 2012
SA:004/11 Safety Alert Red HYDROmorphone: High-risk analgesic 21 Apr 11
SN:011/10 Safety Notice Amber Medication Incidents Involving Hydromorphone (Opioid)
(To be read in conjunction with SA:004/11)
14 Sep 10
(revised 16 Sep 10)
SA:007/09 Safety Alert Red Recall of Cefazolin Sandoz BATCH AH 5067 6 Nov 2009
SA:004/09 Safety Alert Red New Version of Adult National Inpatient Medication Chart [NIMC] - SMR140 16 Sep 2009
SN:008/08 Safety Notice Amber Clexane 16 May 2008
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