We all need solutions and strategies to better orientate us, especially in unfamiliar or complex spaces. Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities caters to this need for universal accessibility in the design of healthcare facilities by reducing the focus of signage and providing a broader perspective and approach. 

It centres on ensuring the design and management of wayfinding in healthcare facilities keeps the user in mind at all times, provides a framework for understanding good wayfinding practice, describes a holistic approach in which wayfinding is considered across its full spectrum, and provides a step-by-step guide to effective wayfinding. 

It is intended to inform those designing and managing healthcare facilities about the full scope of wayfinding and key considerations that need to be made throughout the entire process.

File Size: 28108 kb
Type: Guideline
Date of Publication: 06 July 2022
Author: HealthShare NSW
ISBN: 978-1-76023-410-2
SHPN: (HI) 221146