A public health investigation in 2016 found instruments used in the Liberty Plaza practice (Unit 45, 256 Chapel Road Bankstown) operated by Dr Chau Bao Dinh from July 2014, were not cleaned, sterilised or stored in accordance with guidelines set by the Dental Board of Australia. It is likely that similar problems have occurred at other locations where Dr Dinh previously  practised; these are thought to be Unit 2, 324 Chapel Rd, Bankstown from 1998 to July 2014 and Fetherstone Rd, Bankstown prior to 1998. Dr Dinh’s registration has been suspended, and the practice is now closed.

The overall risk to individual patients of blood-borne virus transmission has been assessed by NSW Health as low and no cases of blood-borne virus infection have been identified as associated with this dental practice.
However, patients who believe they have had an invasive procedure at any of Dr Dinh’s Bankstown practices are recommended to have testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.
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Current as at: Wednesday 2 August 2017
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