This alert relates to Detoxologie, a wellness centre in Bondi Junction.

In early December 2020, two members of the public were hospitalised after being treated with infusions at Detoxologie, a business which described itself as a wellness centre, located at Shop 59, Eastgate Shopping Centre, and previously at Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

The clinic was immediately shut down, the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) issued an interim prohibition order on the proprietor, Ms Fay Fain, and warned members of the publicnot to seek health services from Ms Fain or Detoxologie, and an inquiry was launched by NSW Health under the Public Health Act.

Subsequently the business has improved infection control measures allowing it to operate, however Ms Fain is unable to provide health services due to the HCCC interim prohibition order.

Investigation by NSW Health and the HCCC uncovered concerns that Ms Fain was performing procedures at Detoxologie when she was not qualified to do so, as well as a number of concerns around infection control practices during skin penetration procedures. In particular, there was potential use of non-sterile equipment for skin penetration procedures. These infection control breaches potentially put customers of the clinic at risk of acquiring blood borne viruses (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV) although the risk is thought to be low for any individual.

Anyone who underwent a skin penetration procedure at either of the Detoxologie clinic locations between June 2013 and December 2020 is potentially at risk.

Skin penetration procedures include:

  • colonic irrigation
  • intravenous (IV) infusion or vitamin injections (such as vitamin B12 or any injections)
  • facial micro-needling (also called collagen induction therapy or skin needling)
  • allergy testing (such as a blood testing for food allergies, live blood analysis or any test involving a pin prick or blood test)

NSW Health is attempting to contact customers of Detoxologie who are recorded to have had one or more of the risk skin penetration procedures during this time period by SMS, email, or phone call.  Due to the business's incomplete records, not all at risk customers may be contacted.  If you attended this clinic and received any of the procedures listed above, but have not been contacted, please see your doctor to organise testing. If you attended with other people, who may not have given their own contact details, please let them know and encourage them to see their own doctor.

To date no infections related to Detoxologie have been identified, but as a precaution anyone that underwent one or more of these skin penetration procedures at Detoxologie between June 2013 and December 2020 is advised to see their doctor and seek testing for blood borne viruses (hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV).  Testing is important, even for those who last received services from Detoxologie several years ago as blood borne viruses may not cause symptoms at the time of infection or for years afterwards.

A positive test for a blood borne virus does not necessarily mean that the customer was infected at Detoxologie, as there are many possible sources for these infections. Effective treatments are available for all three infections.

Anyone seeing their doctor for this reason are advised to show this information to their doctor. 

For more information about the health risks and testing, see the frequently asked questions.

For more information about the investigation please contact the HCCC on 9219 7444

For all other questions regarding this matter, please call 1300 066 055 to contact your local Public Health Unit.

Current as at: Wednesday 3 February 2021
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