​​Shingles (herpes zoster) is caused by the reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox, usually in adulthood and many years after the initial chickenpox illness.

Vaccination can prevent shingles. Shingles vaccination with a 2-dose course of Shingrix® is available for free under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) for the following eligible people:

  • adults aged 65 years and over    
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over
  • immunocompromised people aged 18 years and over with the following medical conditions:
    • haematopoietic stem cell transplant
    • solid organ transplant
    • haematological malignancy
    • advanced or untreated HIV.

 ​For further information on the adult shingles vaccination program speak to your doctor or see the Adult Immunisation page.

Current as at: Thursday 29 August 2019
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