Identify, Protect, Prevent

Whooping cough (which is sometimes also called pertussis) is a serious infection that usually causes a long coughing illness. In babies, the infection can be life threatening.
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Aboriginal families

The good thing about our mob is the closeness of family and community and get-togethers but the down side is that it means sickness like whooping cough can spread quickly.
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Information for new parents

Parents and carers are sometimes the source of whooping cough and pass it on at home.
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Health professionals

Comprehensive information for GPs and other health care workers about whooping cough (pertussis).
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Information for Childcare and Schools

Whooping cough caught at school or childcare can be brought into the home where it spreads to other family members. The biggest risk is to any baby at home.
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Facts and figures

Whooping cough is a notifiable disease in all Australian States and Territories. This means that doctors, hospitals and laboratories are required by law to let the local public health unit know about each new case that is diagnosed.
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Protect Your Newborn

Free Whooping Cough Vaccine Now Available for Pregnant Women.
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Pertussis factsheet

Available in English and several other languages
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