Transcript of Better Cardiac Care - Gloria's heart attack.

Elizabeth Wymarra: Listen up you mob. I got a yarn to tell you. And no it's not about so-and-so down the road. Now we all have that one loved one or know someone who's had some kind of heart problem aye? But do we all know what to do if we see someone have a heart attack? Well, take a look at this and find out what we can do if this ever happens to us.

[Gloria is buttering toast and stops suddenly, putting down the toast and knife with a clang.]

Hector: Mum, are you alright?

Gloria: I'm just a bit breathless. Them kids they puff me out.

Hector: You should go get that checked out aye.

Gloria: My jaw feels a bit funny.

Hector: What?

Gloria: I got a funny feeling in my jaw and my shoulder

Hector: You serious?

Gloria: I'll be right son.

Hector: Nah nah, how about I call them up now aye?

Gloria: You go and get ready. Go on, I'll be right.

[Hector leaves the room]

Gloria: Hey kids, come on, hurry up. Got to get ready for school.

[Kids run in, slapping each other and sit at the table]

Gloria: Here, behave. [Gloria groans] Oh.

Child 1: Nan, you right?

Gloria: I don't feel well.

Elizabeth Wymarra: Now there's two things we can do here. We can panic or we can do this.

Child 1: Uncle, there is something wrong with Nan!

Child 2: Go get help

Child 1: I dont know what to do.

Hector: Call triple zero.

Child 1: Do you got credit?

Child 2: You don't need credit.

Child 1: Hi, can I get an ambulance please? There is something wrong with my Nan.

Operator: Can you tell me the exact address where you are?

Child 1: 13 Sanderson Street.

Operator: Hold on a second, I am just looking this up for you. Can you tell me exactly what happened?

Child 1: My Nan is out of breath and shes got some funny feelings in her jaw and her shoulder.

Operator: I'm just going through some questions, it won't delay the ambulance. Is she clammy?

Child 1: I don't know what that means.

Operator: Is she sweaty?

Child 1: Yep, she's very sweaty.

Operator: Has she ever had a heart attack or chest pain before?

Child 1: I don't know. Uncle, has she ever had a heart attack or chest pain before?

Hector: No, no, she hasn't.

Child 1: No, she hasn't.

Operator: Alright, I’m organising paramedics to come out and help you now.

Hector: Don't worry Mum, there is an ambulance and its on its way.

[Ambulance reversing into driveway]

Child 1: The ambulance is here!

Text overlay: If you are a pensioner or hold a concession card in NSW, the cost of an ambulance is free. There are also payment plans for others.

Elizabeth Wymarra: Did youse get that? Did you see what they was doing there? So remember, call triple zero and ask for an ambulance. Don't panic and don't delay, get to a hospital as soon as possible.

Listen to the operator, follow their instructions and treatment starts when you call that ambulance.

Warning signs of a heart attack are different for everyone, but call them ambulance straight away if you feel any ache or pressure or pain in the chest, in your neck, your back shoulder your, arm or your jaw; if you feel out of breath sweaty or even cold; or you might feel like vomiting or feel dizzy or lightheaded. call them ambulance, hurry up.

Paramedic 1: Hello.

Child 2: Nan is this way.

Hector: This is my mum Gloria.

Paramedic 1: Hello Gloria, my name is Allan, what's been happening today?

Gloria: I just had this ache in my jaw, and my shoulder and I knew something was wrong

Paramedic 1: Okay. What time did the pain start?

Gloria: This morning, about an hour ago.

Paramedic 1: And what were you doing when that happened?

Gloria: I was cooking brekkie.

Paramedic 1: Ok and does the pain travel anywhere else? Does it go down your arm and?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Paramedic 1: Okay, my partner is just gonna put some oxygen on you. You can still talk through the mask. She'll do another couple of the tests and I'm gonna do an ECG okay?

Gloria: Whats that?

Paramedic 1: An ECG is a machine that has a look at what your heart's doing. So I'll put a couple of dots on your shoulders and on your legs and then we'll have a look and I'll do a printout and that'll tell us what's going on with your heart okay? You just sit nice and still.

Paramedic 2: Just going to take your blood pressure sweetie. so your blood pressure's good darling. Are you allergic to anything? Have you had aspirin before?

Gloria: Yes.

Paramedic 2: Okay, well I'll just give you an aspirin. You pop that in your mouth and chew it up. And now I'll give you another little tablet. It's called GTN. When you pop that under your tongue and it will dissolve.

Hector: So are you taking my mum to the local hospital?

Paramedic 1: We'll be taking her to another hospital that can better deal with her heart condition but someone from the family is quite welcome to ride in the ambulance with us and the other family members can meet us at the hospital okay? [To paramedic 2] If you want to get the carry chair and we'll get Gloria loaded and we'll do further tests enroute okay.

Paramedic 2: No worries.

Hector: It's going to be alright, we are going to follow you to the hospital yeah alright? I love you. I love you mum.

[Ambulance siren]

Elizabeth Wymarra: Now the paramedics, nurses and doctors at the hospital are gonna ask you lots of questions. They're not being nosy they just need to know because they trying to look after you in your heart. They're gonna ask ya about your health problems, what tablets you take, your family history, if anyone in your family has had heart problems, your lifestyle habits - whether your drink or smoke, they'll also asks if you're an Aboriginal person who might like an Aboriginal liaison officer to come and visit you in the hospital.

So remember, the most important things are recognise them warning signs of a heart attack and call triple zero and ask for an ambulance because treatment starts as soon as you call, so don't waste no time just call them.

Text overlay: We would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people whose lands this film was made on and everyone else who was involved in the development of this film.

Gloria: Cynthia Hammond
Hector: Colin Kinchela
Child 1: Kyann Morgan
Child 2: Deneeka Morgan
Paramedic 1: Alan Favel
Paramedic 2: Celia Hargrave​

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