Activity Based Management (ABM) leads the development and implementation of Activity Based Management in NSW. ABM is an evidence-based management approach that focuses on patient level data to inform strategic decision making. Through accurate clinical costing results and other activity data, ABM allows clinicians and managers to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions relating to patient care through the optimisation of resource allocation.

In leading ABM in NSW, the unit develops and provides the tools (such as the ABM Portal), trains and educates health personnel, manages the NSW position in a national context, and supports the system manager in the purchase of health services on behalf of the community.​

Some of the specific activities performed by ABM include setting the State Efficient Price for in-scope public hospitals, determining the State Block Cost for small rural public hospitals, producing the annual financial schedules (Schedule C) based on the Budget for incorporation in the LHD/SHN Service Agreement, and managing and updating the ABM Portal.

Current as at: Monday 3 July 2023
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