This resource has been commissioned by New South Wales (NSW) Health to provide information about the family’s role in preventing alcohol-related harm in young people. The resource is designed to inform the practice of drug and alcohol workers, mental health workers, outreach​ workers, psychologists, counsellors, health promotion and prevention project managers/officers, social workers, special population workers and Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) project officers.

The resource includes both information and practical tips. The two objectives of this resource are:

  • to improve workers’ understanding of the current research-based findings about how families, in particular parents, can prevent alcohol-related harm among young people; and
  • to provide ‘best practice’ examples of effective actions, programs and strategies that can be used in professional practice to enhance services to families.
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Type: Pamphlet
Date of Publication: 01 April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-74187-495-2
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