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Policy directive, procedures and legal authority

The Take Home Naloxone Policy Directive and Procedures apply to NSW public health services for the management of Take Home Naloxone interventions, including the supply of naloxone, for clients at risk of experiencing or witnessing opioid overdose.

A legal authority accompanying the policy directive and procedures enables specific kinds of workers to supply naloxone as part of the Take Home Naloxone Program.

A key contact has been nominated from each district, network or service to champion local implementation. To find out who your contact is, email moh-naloxone@health.nsw.gov.au

People who use illicit drugs other than opioids may be eligible for Take Home Naloxone

People who use illicit drugs other than opioids should consider carrying naloxone as they may still be at risk of opioid overdose. Strong opioids such as fentanyl, acetylfentanyl and nitazenes have recently been found in methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, counterfeit benzodiazepines, and heroin.  

Teams providing THN interventions should consider people who use illicit drugs other than opioids, as eligible to receive a THN intervention, providing they satisfy other eligibility criteria. People who may witness an opioid overdose (for example family, friends, or carers of someone at risk of opioid overdose) are also eligible to receive a THN intervention.  

Public drug warnings and Clinical safety alerts regarding dangerous drugs circulating in NSW are published by NSW Health when there is a significant and proven risk of harm in the drug supply. It's important to remember that illicit drugs containing strong opioids may circulate in NSW, even if no specific alert has been issued about them.

Online training

Eligible health workers at public health services must complete the Take Home Naloxone training and credentialing requirements set out in the procedures before they are legally able to supply naloxone using the Take Home Naloxone intervention.

Online training can be accessed by all local health districts, the St Vincent's Hospital Network and the Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network.

Program implementation forms and documents

When delivering Take Home Naloxone interventions, health workers in public health services and the MSIC need to use specific forms and documents. The Take Home Naloxone Policy Directive and Procedures provide instruction about the use of these documents.

Contact moh-naloxone@health.nsw.gov.au for information about how to order the state form from Finsbury Green.

Consumer Information Sheets can be ordered for free using the naloxone factsheet order form.

Australian Government take home naloxone program

The Australian Government's National Take Home Naloxone Program subsidises the cost of naloxone medicines supplied across Australia through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. In early 2022, the Australian Government committed $4.9 million ongoing annual funding for this program. The program replaces a pilot that previously operated in NSW, SA and WA.

In NSW, the program operates in participating community pharmaciesand in participating public health, private and non-government services.

PPA portal registration and supply data entry

The Australian Government requires participating hospital pharmacies and services supplying subsidised take home naloxone, to register and submit data via the online PPA portal.

The PPA Portal collects two types of data:

  1. Claims data: NSW public hospital pharmacists submit data to claim subsidisation for naloxone medicines supplied to clients for at home use. The PPA Hospital Pharmacy Portal User Guide provides step by step instructions for hospital pharmacies to register and claim reimbursement.
  2. Supply data: NSW public health alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) services submit data about the supply of naloxone products to clients. This type of data is recorded on the Take Home Naloxone Checklist and Record of Supply Form, by credentialed workers delivering take home naloxone interventions to clients. The PPA Portal User Guide for Authorised Alternative Suppliers provides step by step instructions for AOD and NSP services to register and submit supply data.

When the participant consent check box is left unticked, the only data items that need to be entered into the PPA portal are:

  • date of supply
  • staff designation
  • product provided (i.e. Nyxoid® or Prenoxad®)
  • number of units supplied

Contact the PPA Support Centre for help using the PPA Portal:
Phone: 1800 951 285 (9am to 8pm AEST Monday to Friday)
Email: support@ppaonline.com.au

An Information Bulletin supports public health services to enter data into the PPA Portal. A related Information Bulletin supports pharmacy departments to enter data into the PPA Portal to seek PBS subsidisation for naloxone they provide to public health services in relation to the Take Home Naloxone Program.


Direct all enquiries to moh-naloxone@health.nsw.gov.au

Current as at: Friday 21 July 2023