The AOD NGO Service Specification Guideline is available to all parties involved in establishing AOD service delivery funding arrangements: LHD NGO Coordinators, LHD AOD teams, Ministry of Health AOD contract managers, and funded NGOs. It is expected that these parties will use the information and templates as part of contract establishment and monitoring.

The AOD NGO Service Specification Guideline categorises AOD activity into types, subtypes, service settings, and target populations, and provides detailed descriptions and requirements for funded AOD treatment activity. Descriptions and requirements for other funded AOD activity types will be added in future versions.

The range of funded activity being delivered by NGOs is collated in NSW Health electronic contract management systems by the Ministry of Health and LHDs and used to better understand the AOD services being delivered for NSW communities. 

The intention of the specifications is to give the provider sufficient guidance that they can plan the orgainsational structures, conditions and resources needed to deliver the service; and to give purchasers clarity about what they are purchasing.

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Date of Publication: 21 July 2022