​Consumer engagement is a key priority for the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Branch. The AOD Branch is committed to embedding consumer engagement and participation in the work led by the Branch. Promoting person centred care and consumer empowerment are fundamental concepts which underpin the work of the AOD Branch.

AOD Consumer Reference Committee

The Consumer Reference Committee (CRC) is a co-led committee which was formed in late December 2018. The aim of the CRC is to ensure that policies and programs delivered by the AOD Branch are person centred and address the needs of consumers accessing AOD services. The Committee supports and facilitates meaningful engagement between the AOD Branch and consumers with a lived experience of alcohol and/or other drug use.

The primary role of the CRC is to advise and offer recommendations to the AOD Branch based on their own lived experience with accessing AOD services. Through the CRC, a consumer voice can be embedded throughout the broad spectrum of the AOD Branch's work to improve consumer experiences' of AOD health services.

The CRC's main responsibilities include:

  • Providing advice and support to assist in the development and implementation of a Consumer Engagement Strategy that aligns with the strategic direction of the NSW Ministry of Health, AOD Branch
  • Providing advice and recommendations to the AOD Branch on opportunities to improve engagement and communication with AOD consumers in NSW to inform the development of AOD plans, programs and initiatives.

AOD Consumer Engagement Framework

The AOD Consumer Engagement Framework (the Framework) was launched in December 2019. The central goal of the Framework is to facilitate active collaboration between the AOD Branch and people with a lived experience to improve the experiences of consumers accessing health services who are impacted by alcohol and other drug use.

The purpose of the Framework is to:

  • Provide a pathway for consumer engagement that can be integrated into all activities within the AOD Branch
  • Foster a partnership between the CRC and AOD Branch to ensure the CRC contributes meaningfully to the development and implementation of AOD Branch policy, programs and decisions
  • Formally recognise the value of the lived experience of consumers and their role in informing and encouraging best practice in AOD programs and services. 
Current as at: Friday 13 December 2019