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What do I have to do to register or apply for information?

You must be over 18 yeas of age to register or apply for information on the Central Register. Therefore it will be 2028 before those who were donor conceived after 1 January 2010, can apply to the Central Register for the mandatory identifying information held on the Central Register about their donor, or other offspring of their donor.

Who can access my information?

Mandatory information supplied to the Central Register (for those conceived as a result of donated eggs, sperm or embryos after 1 January 2010) can only be shared between the relevant parties if both are over the age of 18 years. This aspect of the Register will therefore not come into effect until 2028 when those children who were donor conceived after 1 January 2010, have turned 18 years of age.

Can I remove my information from the Register?

Mandatory information cannot be removed from the Central Register.

What kind of information will I be able to obtain about my donor?

When a person who was donor conceived after 1 January 2010 has turned 18 years of age, he or she can apply to the Central Register to receive the following mandatory information about their donor:

  • full name
  • residential address
  • date and place of birth
  • ethnicity and physical characteristics
  • medical history or genetic test results of the donor, or someone in the donor's family, that are relevant to the future health of:
    • a person undergoing ART treatment involving the use of their donated sperm, eggs or embryo, or
    • any offspring born as a result of that treatment, or
    • any descendent of any such offspring.
  • the sex and year of birth of each other offspring of the donor
  • the name of the ART provider to whom the sperm, eggs or embryo was provided
  • the date on which the sperm, egg or embryo was provided.

Is it mandatory to collect information about siblings?

Yes. From 1 January 2010, ART providers collect non-identifying information (year of birth and sex) from donors about any offspring they have who have not been born as a result of ART treatment. However it is only with that offspring’s consent that identifying information about him or her be shared.

Can I find out about genetic siblings, but not my donor?

Yes. You can apply for information about either or both of these parties. You are under no obligation to apply for information about both.

You can also consent to only your genetic sibling having access to the information you voluntarily place onto the Register, and not your donor.

Further information

See The Central Register and the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further information about the Central Register, voluntary information and the process that the NSW Ministry of Health and NSW ART providers undertake in order to facilitate the exchange of information.

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