HEAP is a multi-disciplinary panel with expertise in health ethics, clinical practice, consumer concerns, community issues related to health care, law and philosophy.

Its role is to provide advice to the Chief Health Officer, NSW Ministry of Health on:

  • ethical issues relating to clinical policies, guidelines, protocols and practices
  • emerging ethical issues affecting the health system
  • legal and consumer issues relating to ethics in clinical care.

Members of HEAP are appointed by Chief Health Officer and Deputy Secretary, Population and Public Health.

Panel members

  • Co-Chair:
    • Professor Jackie Leach-Scully
  • Allied health:
    • Monique Sunderland
  • Clinical medical practice:
    • Dr Christopher Ryan
  • Community health issues
    • Robyn McIntosh
  • Consumer health issues
    • Adam Johnston
    • Veronica Ganora
  • Law
    • Julie Hamblin
    • Professor Cameron Stewart
  • Mental health:
    • Professor Wendy Cross
  • NSW Health system senior management:
    • Professor Josephine Chow
  • Nursing or allied health practice:
    • Professor Mary Chiarella
  • Pastoral care:
    • Marian Martin
  • Philosophy:
    • Professor Wendy Rogers
    • Dr Bernadette Tobin
  • Population health
    • Professor Janaki Amin
  • Research, clinical or public health ethics
    • Associate Professor Stacy Carter
    • Associate Professor Ian Kerridge
    • Professor Ainsley Newson
  • Other members with relevant expertise
    • Rebecca Lesic, Manager, Strategic Policy Unit, Office of the Chief Health Officer, NSW Ministry of Health
    • Leanne O’ Shannessy, General Counsel and Director, Legal and Regulatory Services Branch, NSW Ministry of Health
    • Sophie Tyner, Director, Office of the Chief Health Officer, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Secretariat
    • Office of the Chief Health Officer, NSW Ministry of Health

Enquiries regarding the HEAP should be directed to the Secretariat at moh-ocho@health.nsw.gov.au.

Current as at: Tuesday 28 February 2023
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