Transcript of What does an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) look like?

This video will show you what an Intensive Care Unit looks like. It is sometimes called the ICU.

The ICU is a special area in a hospital to treat people who are very sick. It can also be called the Critical Care Unit.

This is an ICU. There are plenty of beds. There is lots of equipment. Some machines can be very noisy.

This a ventilator - it helps people to breathe when they’re very sick.

All the staff wear gowns, masks, face shields and gloves. This is to protect them from COVID-19.

There are very strict rules about who can go inside the ICU. This is to keep everybody safe.

This means that sometimes visitors cannot go into the ICU.

If you’re in the ICU, you can stay in touch with people over video, message or phone call.

The nurses and doctors are there to answer any questions you have while you’re in the hospital.

Family can call the hospital if they have any questions about your care.

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