​SAPHaRI provides data in an analytic-and-reporting ready system to teams within NSW Health to support the delivery of insights that drive innovation in NSW health care, policy and planning.​

Last updated: 24 January 2019


Use SAPHaRI to deliver evidence-based insights to policy makers, program planners, journalists and the public.


Focus on epidemiology, not the IT infrastructure, with our optimised datasets and analytic environment.


Move quickly from data to action down to the local level with our spatial data.


We provide and maintain an up-to-date evidence base from health, population and geographic data sources.


We customise data into analytic-ready structures for the study of population health, epidemiology and surveillance.

IT environment

Our secure collaborative environment enables managed access to sensitive data for analysts within NSW Health.


We provide a suite of cutting-edge tools for analytics, data manipulation, reporting and traceability.


Our governance framework delivers standardised, validated and documented data.

Further information

Current as at: Thursday 24 January 2019