Client and community involvement in care and planning for care is a core component of the HealthOne NSW model of care. This translates into client-centred care at an individual level, client-clinician-carer involvement in planning care pathways or client journeys, and community involvement in planning for local health services to meet their needs.
In the development of HealthOne NSW services, community and consumer representatives should be consulted as part of both the service planning processes and in the delivery of services to clients. The local community should be engaged to ensure that community members’ views are heard and that they are kept informed about the service.
In addition to community involvement in HealthOne NSW services, it is also important that services ensure that the care provided is client-centred. Research has identified three key elements of client-centred care. These should be implemented by HealthOne NSW services:
  • communication with clients, including explanation of health issues and exploration of feelings, beliefs and expectations;
  • partnerships with clients so that they have the autonomy within the client-clinician relationship to be involved in decision making;
  • a focus beyond specific conditions, on health promotion and healthy lifestyles.
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