The Health Protection Report aims to provide an insight into how public health threats are managed.
Communicable diseases

Communicable diseases

What is the impact of laboratory testing rates on disease notifications in NSW?
Do changes in notification rates reflect changes in disease incidence, or could they reflect changes in the number of tests being done?
Prison Health
Marianne Gale and colleagues summarise factors that contribute to and help prevent disease transmission in prisons.

Environmental health

Wood smoke and your health - what you need to know
Isabel Hess and Peta Pippos explain the health risks associated with wood smoke, and how to reduce them.
Notes From The Field

Notes from the field

Stephen Conaty explains how he went about setting up a new Public Health Unit in South Western Sydney.
Other News

Other news

For other health protection news
NSW health protection network staff recently contributed to the following publications:
Previous Editions

Previous editions

April 2014 - Measles, Heat, Bushfires
May 2014 - Influenza, MERS, BBV
June 2014 - Year in Review 1 - Communicable Disease
July 2014 - Year in Review 2 - Environmental Health
August 2014 - Ebola, STEC, Traffic related air pollution
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