Another electronic newsletter.

Why? We want to provide the public health workforce in NSW and others interested in the field with an overview of the kinds of activities NSW Health gets up to in doing its bit to protect the public from health risks. NSW Health focuses on monitoring and controlling those infectious diseases that might get out of hand, figuring out the potential health risks associated with environmental exposures, and advising the community and other government agencies on how to go about reducing these risks.

The regular Health Protection Report will provide an update on:

  • A bothersome communicable disease
  • A risk to health posed by an environmental hazard
  • A sense of what it’s like to tackle a problem in a public health unit, through a Q & A with a public health professional

We’ll include some graphs and even some videos to illustrate and explain the motivation for the approach taken.

And some of quizzes, just for fun. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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