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Transforming After Hours Medical Care - Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Evening Team Staffing (JETS) Model
The JMO Evening Team Staffing (JETS) model was implemented at Liverpool Hospital in 2016 transforming after-hours care for inpatients. This involved fundamental change to evening weekday rostering from irregular, ward-based delivery by five junior doctors to systematic care, in 8 hour daily shifts (14.30-22.00) over two week periods, delivered by fifteen team-based doctors with knowledge of the patients’ clinical conditions, and familiarity with home wards, nursing staff and speciality team.

This model breaks the mould of aligning JMO staffing levels to traditional working hours, moving it to better reflect patient care demands and so potentially improving safety. This is the first successful large-scale implementation of the model in NSW.

Importantly, the model has shown considerable benefits to work-life balance and educational opportunities for junior doctors.​
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