South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

NSW Health Secretary Elizabeth Koff, Mental Health Minister Bronnie Taylor, Christopher Hay, Dr Kevin Clarke, Daniella Taylor, Felicity Cox, Bradley Spinks, Fiona I’Anson, Stacey Maloney, Sonja Krcalovic, Ange Karooz Front row left: Danielle Coppleson, Denise Cupina

PACER is a Police and MHS response activated by Police, targeting peak demand times, offering on-scene and telephone assistance in the community. The pilot is implemented within the St George (STG) MHS.
PACER incorporates:

  • A MH Clinician as a secondary response.
  • Assessment in the community at time of crisis.
  • Real time social and clinical information.
PACER provides person-centred trauma informed care, reducing Emergency Department (ED) presentations, increasing out of hospital referral capabilities.

Evaluation demonstrates:

  • Cross-agency and informed response to people experiencing MH crisis.
  • Avoidance of ED presentations.
  • Early links to community and welfare services.
  • Provision of alternate pathways to care.
  • Early de-escalation, avoiding coercive measures.
  • Reductions in ED presentations via Police and Ambulance.
  • Reduced demand on agencies including Police time on scene

PACER – Police, Ambulance, Clinical, Early, Response team 

Current as at: Thursday 29 August 2019
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