A number of videos have been produced for Maternity, Child, Youth and Paediatrics; and the Drug and Alcohol Population and Community Programs, Centre for Population Health program on raising awareness about the risks of drinking alcohol in pregnancy. The project aims to inform Aboriginal families planning or expecting a baby, and support health professionals to discuss alcohol with pregnant Aboriginal women.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder videos

1. FASD community workers video - Aboriginal health workers and women who have personal experience of FASD promote the importance of not drinking alcohol during pregnancy in this video

2. FASD video for Aborginal men - A video for Aboriginal men to raise awareness of FASD and how they can support their pregnant partner by not drinking alcohol during the pregnancy

3. FASD video for Aboriginal young people - A video for Aboriginal young people to raise awareness of the risk of FASD and drinking alcohol during pregnancy


4. FASD video for health professionals - A video to guide health professionals in discussing alcohol with pregnant Aboriginal women, assessing risk to mother and baby and providing appropriate advice


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