The second edition of Having a Baby is for all women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. It also provides valuable information for partners and families, helping them understand and participate in this significant phase of their lives. Having a Baby has a strong focus on healthy pregnancies and normal birth. However, it also provides information and advice when things do not go to plan. Most importantly, this resource explains the options for pregnancy and birth care in NSW and promotes informed choices for pregnant women.

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English chapters

Chapter Page
Page i-x
Antenatal care Page 1-5
Choices for care during pregnancy and birth Page 6-10
Handle with care: looking after yourself in pregnancy Page 11-36
Give me strength: pre- and post-natal exercises Page 37-42
Common concerns in pregnancy Page 43-48
Stages of pregnancy Page 49-66
Getting ready for labour and birth Page 67-69
Labour and birth Page 70-85
After your baby is born Page 86-92
Feeding your baby Page 93-103
The first weeks of parenthood Page 104-113
Prenatal testing and genetic counselling Page 114-119
Having a baby at 35+ Page 120-121
Multiple pregnancy: when it’s twins or more Page 122-123
Complications in pregnancy Page 124-127
Complications in labour and birthing Page 128-130
Early arrival: when a baby comes too soon Page 131-133
Babies with special needs Page 134-135
Your feelings in pregnancy and early parenthood: what all parents need to know Page 136-143
Relationships in pregnancy and early parenthood Page 144-147
When a baby dies Page 148-150
Learning more about pregnancy, birth, babies and parenthood Page 151-154
Your comments matter Page 155
Breastfeeding – the early days Page 159
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Date of Publication: 31 May 2015
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