​Having a baby is a huge change to your life. There may be times you are feeling overwhelmed, but help is available.

Online support from your own home

Virtual Residential Parenting Service (VRPS) is a free online service for NSW families with 0–3 year old children who need extra support. The service runs over five days and four nights.

We can help you with:

  • sleeping and settling
  • feeding
  • child development and behaviour
  • your mental wellbeing.

What's involved

You will attend telehealth sessions from your home, with your child. We welcome partners and other carers to join the sessions. 

You are connected to a team of health professionals, such as:

  • child and family health nurses
  • social workers, psychologists
  • doctors.

VRPS is an online service. You will need:

  • reliable internet
  • your own device with a camera (computer, iPad/tablet, smart phone).

If you are enrolled in the service, this video will help you get ready for your sessions.


How to access the service

To know more about VRPS and if you are eligible, please contact:


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