Health and development checks are very important. They help you track how your child is growing and developing by looking at how they play, learn, speak, act and move.

Having health professionals regularly check your child's health and development in their early years will also help find what support they might need early – before they start school.

The Blue Book has information on the recommended checks for your child.

Free 4-year check in preschool and long day care services

At the moment, about 2 in 5 children are starting school developmentally off track. We also know many children in NSW are not getting their 4-year health and development check.

Increasing the number of children who complete the 4-year health and development check can help families:

  • get information they need to support their child's health, growth and development
  • seek help where needed, before their child starts school.

To make it easier for families to get this check, the NSW Government is rolling out free health and development checks for 4-year-old children at their preschool or long day care service.

Your child can also get their check at your doctor or local child and family health service.

What to expect from the checks

Health professionals will check your child's health and development, such as:

  • their listening and talking skills
  • their social skills and behaviour
  • their gross and fine motor skills
  • their learning, thinking and problem-solving skills
  • how their bodies are growing: their vision, hearing, height, weight, and teeth.

No vaccinations are given.

Consent from a parent or carer is needed. You will need to sign the consent form when it arrives, to make sure your child gets their free check.

You will get a report after your child's check. It will have information on how you can keep supporting their growth and development.

Where is this program available?

The program will start in late 2023 in participating preschools and long day care services in 6 local health districts.

More services will join throughout 2024 as the program expands to all local health districts.

Preschools and long day care services will let parents know when this program is coming to their service.

The 4-year check is also available through your doctor or your local child and family health service.

Information for Early Childhood Education and Care services

The program is available on an opt-in basis. By offering it at your service, more children can get this important check.

Regular health and development checks are important to track a child's development. These checks help identify possible issues early, so that children can be offered the support they need as soon as possible.

The program is starting in 6 local health districts:

Local health districtContact
Illawarra Shoalhaven
Hunter New England
​Mid North Coast
​Nepean Blue Mountains
​South Eastern Sydney​​
​South Western Sydney

Each local health district has a team of staff dedicated to delivering the program in partnership with ECEC services. Your district will contact you to discuss bringing the program into your service.

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