eHealth is the means of ensuring that the right health information is provided to the right person at the right place and time in a secure, electronic form for the purpose of optimising the quality and efficiency of health care delivery.

The intelligent use of information, applications and technology can help drive improved health outcomes for children and families of NSW in the future. This future includes eHealth systems to provide reliable, accurate and comprehensive data  where information will inform best practice and allow the monitoring and evaluation of services that have an impact on the health of mothers, children, young people and their families.

An eHealth system should meet the needs of children, young people and their families in a manner that:

  • integrates and streamlines care for children and their families across the state
  • provides standardised data to support transparency of service delivery and continuous improvement
  • supports best practice through education guidance and decision support 
  • supports preventative care models such as screening and protection from harm.

Key so​lutions

Some of the key solutions are:

  • a world-class Maternity EMR (electronic medical record) to support the delivery of care during the antenatal, birthing and postnatal period
  • an integrated electronic Child Health Record for every newborn to monitor their health, growth and development between settings and over time (to become the foundation of the Personally Controlled eHealth Record)
  • a set of standards and tools to provide information to drive policy development and improvements in clinical practice.
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