[Upbeat music]

Young woman: We've come here today to talk about our rights as young people in the healthcare system, about our experiences. And we're going to create a music track and a video about what we think is most important. Young woman: We need to be empowered and understand what our rights and responsibilities are.

Young woman: I think it's really important for young people to be treated with respect when they go to the doctors, even if they have different values and beliefs.

Young man: When you're in a hospital you don't want to have to always be stuck in a bed, because you can get a bit stir-crazy. Young woman: It's really important that they have access to education and play and all other kind of outlets where they can develop themselves as people.

Young woman: Yeah, my parents are a really big part of my health caring. We've reached a equal balance from what I want and what they think is the best for me.

Young man: If your family's at work all the time or and they don't understand what actually has happened and you haven't told them, maybe because you're embarrassed or something, or shy, then how can they help? You have to help yourself in that way.

Young woman: I think it's really important that young people have planned and coordinated healthcare.

Young woman: young people should get the best available healthcare.

Young man: When we speak, we would like to be heard, and actions taken.


Young woman: So, when we are accessing services, you need to make sure that we know we're safe and that we are protected from harm.

Young woman: If I was at the doctor's and the doctors speak to me in a down-to-earth way, then that would help me feel safe and comfortable.

Young woman: I think it's really important when you finds a really good doctor that you trust and respects your privacy and everything that's important to you.

Young woman: I think every kid they want to know what's happening, keep them up-to-date and allow them to ask as many questions as they want.

Young man: It is quite scary when they don't tell you everything that's going on. Better to be fully informed in the situation I am in.

Young woman: It's really important at whatever level you are capable of to be involved in the decision-making processes. It's your health and your body, and you have the right to have a say.

Young woman: It makes you feel like like you're a part of curing yourself or making yourself feel better. (Plays lively rhythm)

Computerised voice: We need to be empowered and understand what our rights and responsibilities are. Within such a huge system to actually get the best care we need... "be in the know'. May be they could provide a room for us to chill out...As a group we need to talk the rights that we all have..


Young man: Be in the know!


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