Hi, everyone. I'm here to talk about the rights of every child in healthcare. How should you be looked after? What are the important things to you? Well, I'm here to find out. [Quirky up-tempo music]

Boy: We are really special, so, adults should always look after us.

Girl: The most important thing to me is that I get the best care that I can.

Boy: They check on you every night and day.

Girl: They should treat everyone the same because everyone feels the same way but they think different things and stuff.

Girl: So it doesn't matter what religion, what race or what background we come from.

Girl: Children have a right when they're in hospital to say that they want their mum and dad near them or someone who loves them.

Boy: I think that your family has to be there to, like, calm you down and tell you what's happening.

Girl: The doctor should let you hold your mum's or dad's hands.

Girl: I think doctors should take time to listen to us and help us go through our problems. To look at not just what we're saying but what are our body movements and body language is doing.

Boy: When I went to the doctor for my asthma, when they said this long word and I'm like...I asked my mum. I'm like, "What is that?" I'm like...And, yeah, and I wanted to know all the time. [in sign language] It doesn't matter if you are big or small, we need to understand the conversation, we need to understand what is going on.

Boy: We have the right to hear what is going on and to what's happening to us.

Girl: Because everybody should have a right to say something because it's their life, they future.

Boy: Have the right to know that we're safe and that we're in a safe environment with safe doctors and nurses that are going to help us.

Girl: My body belongs to me, and I think you need space and privacy.

Girl: I really hope that they work as a team when they're helping me and that the decisions that are made are going to help me until I'm able to make the decision for myself.

Boy: They wheelchaired me into this room where there's heaps of games. Other kids came in to play too.

Girl: I want to grow up to be the best I can.

Girl: I want to learn, play and discover things for myself.

[Quirky up-tempo music as children spell out 'Listen Up' in big letters]

Girl: Listen up. These are the rights of every child in healthcare.

All: Listen Up!

Boy: I like at the end, you get an ice-block.

Girl: And once, they gave me a balloon and he just forgot to tie it.

Girl: They can just say, like, at the end if I've been really brave, they can give me, like, a lolly or something. 'cause they usually do that.


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