HEEADSSS assessment - working effectively with young people is a video learning resource for health professionals about how to use HEEADSSS conversations to engage with young people and do a holistic health and wellbeing assessment. NSW Health workers can also view these videos as a learning pathway on (Course codes: 159949091, 160031090, 160031203 and 160031204).

When HEEADSSS conversations with young people are crucial

Introduction to the purpose and role of HEEADSSS assessment as a way to engage young people is issues that affect their health and wellbeing.

What a young person may bring to the conversation

Builds understanding of the impact of adolescent development on health and well-being and the perspective of young people about barriers to engaging with health workers.

Useful tips for HEEADSSS conversations

Skills and approaches to support effective HEEADSSS conversations including setting up the conversation, covering tricky questions, building trust and getting difficult conversations back on track.

Developing a responsive management plan

Approaches to support young people as partners in their care and develop responsive management plans for young people.

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