The Ministry has developed a series of Matrix tables, mapping key policy documents and accountabilities at the federal, state and health system level.

These tables provide a snap shot of initiatives and requirements, both legal and policy that shape the operations of the public health system.

A short summary of each Matrix is provided below, click the title to link to the individual matrix:

  • Key Legislation and Regulatory Instruments: Sets out key legislative instruments impacting on or established at the national, state, health system and LHD/SHN levels.
  • Funding and Financial Management: Sets out various levels of accountability on funding and financial management, referencing requirements sourced at the NHRA level, the roles of central agencies in NSW and obligations of NSW Health and LHDs/SHNs.
  • Workforce Management:  Covers issues including Board professional standards imposed at the national level, NSW whole of government processes such as the terms of the Government Wages Policy, Executive Remuneration as well as health system specific issues such as education and training of health clinicians, and the Code of Conduct.
  • Procurement and Shared Services delivery Provides information on relevant laws, whole of NSW policies and rules and their implementation at NSW Health and LHD/SHN levels. 
  • Capital Works and Asset Management and Real Property Incorporates guidance on roles of central agencies, asset management policies and statewide rules on environmental sustainability and implantation at the system and LHD/SHN levels. 
  • Clinical Governance Maps some of the new Clinical Governance processes and tools including the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard and sets out the roles of the Clinical Excellence Commission and the Agency for Clinical Innovation.
Each Matrix is effectively a living document, which will be updated from time to time as policy and legislation at the federal, state and system level change, and in response to feedback from boards and the system. 
Page Updated: Monday 2 June 2014