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Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) “involves constant unwanted thoughts, and often results in the performance of elaborate rituals to try to control or banish the persistent thoughts. People with obsessive compulsive disorder are often acutely embarrassed and keep their rituals a secret, even from their families.” (Australian Department of Health)

Obsessive compulsive disorders are part of the anxiety disorders group:

  • Obsessions are unwanted thoughts based on fears. Examples might be thoughts about dirt, disease or something bad happening.
  • Compulsions are the fear-based behaviours and an overwhelming urge to do activities which can include repeating, checking and counting. Examples might be washing hands often, cleaning, putting things in a special order, checking, and constantly asking for reassurance. There can be rituals and routines that need to be followed.
  • Even when the person realises that they are having problems, they are not able to stop the thinking or the need to do the tasks.

The reason OCD is considered an anxiety disorder is because it is driven by fear. The obsessions are obsessed about because of fear. Compulsions continue because people fear what will happen if they do not continue this behaviour. This should be recognised… because it is essential for empathy for people with this diagnosis.

- A person with lived experience of a mental health condition


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