​Outcomes of the ​HASI Plus Evaluation Report 2022.

Last updated: 16 February 2023

What is HASI Plus?

  • Psychosocial supports
  • Clinical supports
  • Community-based
  • Safe secure housing
  • 16 or 24 hours of support a day

There are 70 HASI Plus places in 4 local health districts at 8 accommodation sites in NSW. In 2022-23, the annual funding is $12 million.

Who does HASI Plus support?

  • There were 101 people in the program during the evaluation period.
  • 99% of consumers had a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder.
  • 74% of consumers had a mental health, guardianship or financial management order in place.
  • Over 33% of consumers had a forensic order in place.

This program saved my life. Simple as that. I could be homeless, still on drugs. (Consumer)

What makes HASI Plus work? 

  • safe and secure housing
  •  intensive on-site supports 
  • strong local partnerships 
  • flexible and person centred

​I loved the people, the support. I loved their confidence in me and the way they gave me support to go out and do sports and swimming… and taught me how to fit in more into society. (Consumer)

What are the outcomes for consumers?

  • Hospital admissions for mental health reduced by 56%.
  • Length of stay in hospital reduced by 80%.
  • Almost 50% of people who exited transitioned to alternative community living arrangements.
  • The average cost per person is significantly lower than hospital admission or comparable programs.


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