The Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Competencies Framework​ outlines what is important from the perspective of people with an intellectual disability, their families and support networks and describes the core attributes required by mental health professionals when working with people with an intellectual disability. It provides guidance for the delivery of quality services to this population group by strengthening professional competence and supporting informed service delivery. The manual is intended for use by the mental health workforce delivering services across the age spectrum.

The manual supports mental health professionals to assess and respond to mental health problems in people with an intellectual disability through providing a:

  •  means of self-assessment of current skills and knowledge
  • framework to support professional development planning; and
  • guide to available relevant resources, education, and training material

The development of the manual involved extensive state-wide consultation including:

  • an assessment of staff capacity, knowledge and skills when working with people with an intellectual disability
  • consultation with experts including a Delphi process
  • direct consultation with service directors or their delegates to identify and agree on core attributes and structure of the manual; and
  • an extensive literature review and identification of key resources.
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Type: Manual, Background
Date of Publication: 27 January 2016
Author: Mental Health
ISBN: 978-1-76000-321-0
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