Baby voice: Hey Dad it's me.  I'm the one making all the noise it's what I do, well that's part of it.

My brain is really flat out making connections for all sorts of things, getting my head steady so I can look at things is a big effort. My arms and legs make it harder. I don't know how many times I've hit myself but I'll keep trying 'cause I know it's important. I have to get steady to really look at your face so I remember exactly who you are, and watch how you look to see if you're happy or sad or cranky.

 I listen to you too, because I want a real good bond with you. That will set me up for life. I know you'd like more sleep but I'm just programmed to wake through the night for a while. And okay, I can't do much but if you watch me and talk to me while we do stuff that feels good to me and for you too. I see it in your eyes, we are on the same team here. You're the one I'm looking for to fall in love with me. I'm already stoked on you. We're a team.

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