Dad: After our first baby was born, I noticed some small changes in our family. I noticed that my wife was tired a lot and she also seemed to stress out or get angry over things that I thought were pretty small. I thought maybe this is normal with the new baby and it should get better with time.

She became a little bit more distant. She also seemed sad and was quiet a lot of the time. Fast forward two years to now as a family, we've undergone counselling and my wife has also seen a psychologist on her own to talk about some of the issues that had affected her emotionally and mentally in and around the first two babies arrivals.

Baby number three is due soon and I'm really glad to say that my wife's in a much better space health-wise and we know we have lots of support in place if she starts feeling sad or blue again. Also the midwives have taught me ways to supporter without trying to fix her. Throughout the last five years I've learnt that things can get better but getting better doesn't have a time limit. It takes as long as it takes and the best things that I could do as a husband is to help out, be there to support her, and let her know that she can always talk to me about anything.​

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