Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, their continuing connection to land and waters, and that stewardship and caring for Country are important guiding principles in NSW Health’s climate risk response.

Climate change is a major risk for health and health services.

NSW Health recognizes that it cannot continue to deliver high quality healthcare without responding to climate risk and so is establishing a climate risk and net zero program, to coordinate and scale-up action across NSW Health.

Our vision statement is NSW Health is a leading modern, low carbon, low waste, climate resilient health system by focusing on quality, value, innovation and equity.

We are joined by colleagues across the system in responding to climate risk. The ACSQHC is developing a Sustainable Healthcare Module, the ANMF has a strong policy on climate change, ten medical colleges, representing >100,000 Australian doctors are calling for climate ready and climate friendly healthcare and the AMA is calling for the healthcare sector to be net zero by 2040. Other states are also rapidly progressing their climate risk responses.

Climate change is increasing the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, like bushfires and floods

Houses near bushland. The trees and land are on fire and there are gigantic plumes of black, grey and white smoke.
Bushfire rages close to properties in NSW during Black Summer 2019. Source: Climate Council - Uninsurable Nation: Australia’s Most Climate Vulnerable Places

How you can help

This website contains practical information and resources to support NSW Health staff in the transition to a modern, low carbon health system.

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