16 May 2017

Health Minister Brad Hazzard today welcomed a plan for the future of the South East Regional Hospital in the Bega Valley as a great opportunity for positive change.

Mr Hazzard said NSW Health would implement all 10 recommendations of a review of the management and operation of the new hospital, which are aimed at strengthening clinical governance, communication and leadership.

“Firstly, I want to thank all of the staff who have shared their concerns about the transition to the new hospital, while offering some excellent ideas for improvements,” Mr Hazzard said.

“We now have a 10-point plan that puts everyone on the same page on ways to improve the working environment for all dedicated, hardworking staff at the hospital.

“Most patients have had a great experience at South East Regional Hospital and the review’s recommendations will now ensure this continues into the future.”

The Southern NSW Local Health District has begun implementing the recommendations, which include a hospital-wide program for improving morale and respect in the workplace, updated service and clinical workforce plans, improved data collection and modernising models of care.

NSW Health will support the appointment of external expertise to assist and work with the Southern NSW LHD and South East Regional Hospital on the implementation of the recommendations.

NSW Health Secretary Elizabeth Koff said the Southern NSW LHD had recently made changes to its leadership group and were already enacting cultural change.

“These recommendations are welcome and will work alongside the change already underway, with the intention of providing the best care to patients,” Ms Koff said.

“External reviews will be undertaken in six and 12 months to ensure South East Regional Hospital continues on the right track going forward.”