10 November 2018

NSW Health is reminding parents and carers enrolling their children for the start of primary or secondary school in 2019 to download their child’s immunisation history statement.

From 1 April this year immunisation requirements in primary schools were extended to include all secondary schools. Principals are now required to request an immunisation history statement when students enrol.

The changes were made to help control disease outbreaks in schools by collecting accurate information about a child’s immunisation status.

NSW has achieved its highest vaccination rates ever thanks to record investment in innovative immunisation programs. In 2018-19 the NSW Government will spend a record $22.75 million on state-wide immunisation programs.

Students without an approved immunisation certificate and those who are unimmunised risk being excluded from school for their own safety, if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease.

Dr Vicky Sheppeard, Director of Communicable Diseases at NSW Health, says the new requirements are crucial in stopping the spread of diseases.

“It's important for schools to have an immunisation history statement for each enrolled student to help manage disease outbreaks,” Dr Sheppeard said.

“Parents can easily access a child’s immunisation records at the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), which holds records for people of all ages.

“Vaccination is the most effective way to protect children from serious diseases and the NSW Immunisation Schedule sets out age-appropriate vaccines for children.”

For students going from a public primary school to a public secondary school, their immunisation history statement will automatically transfer across. Parents of other students are encouraged to download their child’s statement from the AIR today.

AIR Immunisation History Statements can be requested by:

For more information on immunisation requirements in primary and secondary schools visit Immunisation requirements in primary and secondary schools.