21 May 2019

Smoke from planned hazard reduction burns is forecast to impact much of Sydney throughout the day and tomorrow morning.

NSW Health Director of Environmental Health Dr Richard Broome said that smoke can irritate the respiratory system and aggravate existing lung and heart conditions.

“People with conditions like asthma, emphysema and angina are more likely to be sensitive to the effects of smoke,” said Dr Broome.

“Smoke from hazard reduction burns can be quite unpredictable, but we’re expecting poor air quality in a number of places across the Sydney basin into Wednesday morning.

“For most people, smoke will be no more than an irritation.

“However, I recommend that people with existing heart and lung conditions should avoid outdoor physical activity when there’s smoke around.

“It’s also important for people with asthma to follow their Asthma Action Plan and have their relieving medication with them.”

Up-to-date information on air quality is available on NSW Air Quality.

In case of emergency always remember to dial Triple Zero. For more information, visit Bushfire smoke.