01 May 2020

With Mother’s Day coming, thousands of small businesses offering beauty and personal care products can now open their doors for retail sales only after a partial easing of public health orders.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the NSW Government decision will allow spas, nail salons, beauty salons, waxing salons and tanning salons ordered shut to now open their doors, but only to sell goods and gift vouchers.

“As we head towards Mother’s Day, this exemption will give smaller businesses a boost as it puts them on an even footing with larger retailers already selling beauty and personal care goods,” Mr Hazzard said.

“For small business owners in rural and regional areas, the pre Mother’s Day sale is a big part of their annual profits and will help those who are already doing it tough due to drought and bushfires. It means they can put their ‘open’ sign in windows again.”

Case numbers have fallen steadily across NSW thanks to widespread testing, strict quarantine measures and general adherence to social distancing restrictions.

“This exemption signals a positive step NSW is taking towards relaxing restrictions under the public health orders but will still require observance of the four square metre rule.

“In-store activity will be restricted to retail sales only, including collecting goods brought online or over the phone, with customers urged to spend minimal time collecting their purchase. Services like waxing, manicures and tanning are not permitted.

“We know this is a very small concession for these businesses but hopefully if COVID- 19 cases remain low, further allowances can be made in the future.

“To ensure the safety of customers and other staff, the operator of the business must ensure that any person who is unwell must not work in the business. Further, they must practise good hygiene and have hand sanitiser available.”

The NSW Government has already injected $750 million into the Small Business Support Fund as a third wave of support measures to keep small business afloat.

It follows assistance packages to support NSW business including $5 billion in payroll tax waivers and other tax deferrals and $1 billion towards jobs creation.