16 February 2023

NSW Health is advising people not to consume Inside Out Unsweetened Almond Milk following a statewide recall of the product, which has been linked to a case of botulism.

The product, with a use by date of 1 March 2023, has been available for sale at Woolworths in NSW. Initial investigations have confirmed the presence of botulinum toxin in a sample of the product. Details of the affected product are listed on the FSANZ.

The contamination was identified when a person experienced severe symptoms of botulism after drinking the product. The person was admitted to hospital, where they continue to receive treatment.

The NSW Food Authority is investigating the manufacturing of the product to determine the possible cause of the contamination.

NSW Health advises the recalled product is not safe to consume and is asking people to check the products in their fridge and cupboard. If you have purchased this recalled product, you should throw it in the bin or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Keira Glasgow, Director of NSW Health’s One Health branch, said while foodborne botulism is very rare in Australia, the toxin can be extremely dangerous and can cause life-threatening illnesses.

“Early symptoms of foodborne botulism include weakness, fatigue and vertigo. While these symptoms occur commonly due to a number of health conditions, with botulism it is usually followed by blurred vision, dry mouth and difficulty swallowing. Nausea and vomiting may also occur,” Ms Glasgow said.

“These symptoms can progress to paralysis of the arm muscles and continue down the body to the trunk and legs, and paralysis of breathing muscles can be fatal.

“We are urging anyone who has consumed this product and experiences these serious symptoms to seek immediate medical attention by visiting their nearest emergency department or calling Triple Zero (000) for emergency assistance.

“Most cases recover if diagnosed and treated early. In foodborne botulism, symptoms may begin from a few hours to several days after consuming the contaminated product.”