28 June 2023

Frontline clinicians throughout NSW will come together to offer their expertise and advice to help inform and shape the delivery of healthcare.

NSW Health Secretary Susan Pearce AM said the newly established NSW Health System Advisory Council will empower healthcare workers to guide the planning and implementation of measures to drive positive change throughout the NSW public health system.

The members of the Advisory Council bring their experience from all corners of the NSW Health system and include doctors, nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals who work on the frontline day in, and day out.

The Council will provide independent and impartial strategic clinical advice on key priorities and functions of the health system, reporting to Ms Pearce as the NSW Health Secretary.

Ms Pearce said the Council will be critical to developing new ideas for implementation in hospitals and health services statewide.

"High quality and safe healthcare requires constant innovation and collaboration, and this group will be at the forefront of how we make those changes," she said.

"It's so important the voices of clinicians are factored into all of our decision making and I look forward to seeing the many contributions this group makes in developing solutions to statewide issues."

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park said the experiences of the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how innovative ways of working can be developed to address new challenges.

"I am looking forward to attending the first meeting of the Advisory Council next month, listening to and learning from the expert advice and guidance of the Advisory Council, and hearing its ideas on how we can continue to deliver excellent healthcare experiences and outcomes for the people of NSW," Mr Park said.

"Each member of the group will draw on the diverse expertise and experiences of their many colleagues to reflect the views of clinicians throughout the health system.

"They will also work alongside members of the Aboriginal clinical community and GPs to inform our future decision making."