03 March 2020

NSW Health today confirmed six new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of positive cases to 15 in the state since the outbreak began.

The first new case, the 10th person diagnosed, a man in his 30s, arrived in Sydney from Iran on Sunday 1 March on a flight from Singapore, and transited through Malaysia.

Due to the fact he was unwell during his journey, NSW Health is alerting passengers who were on one of the following flights to monitor for symptoms, and contact their GP or call healthdirect on 1800 022 222 should they become unwell.

Jetstar Asia 3K686 on 29 February, which Qantas offers as codeshare flight number QF5186 departed Kuala Lumpur 29 February 2020, and arrived in Singapore later that same day.

The man then flew to Australia on Qantas Flight QF82 Row 32 which departed Singapore 8.30pm on 29 February and arrived Sydney 1 March 2020 at 7.35am.

The man presented to his GP on 1 March and was referred for testing. He is isolated in Westmead Hospital.

An 11th person, a man in his 50s, has tested positive to COVID-19 having recently returned from Singapore on 28 February 2020 on Qantas Flight QF02 seated in Row 5. The man was symptomatic on the flight and has also been admitted to hospital for isolation at Westmead.

A 12th person, a female in her 60s, arrived in Sydney from South Korea on 27 February on flight Korean Air KE121. She became symptomatic on 28 February and was diagnosed on 3 March. She is currently in isolation at Westmead Hospital.

A 13th person, a female in her 60s, returned to Sydney from Japan on 21 February and was diagnosed on 3 March. The patient is currently under home isolation.

The 14th is a male in his 30s who returned from Iran and arrived in Sydney on 1 March on flight Malindo Air OD171 from Kuala Lumpur. Because he may have been infectious on this flight while seated in ROW 15, passengers seated around him will be contacted by NSW Health. He is currently in Westmead in isolation.

The latest case, is a woman in her 50s, who has not travelled outside of Australia recently and is believed to have acquired the illness locally.​