18 December 2020

Due to increasing COVID-19 case numbers associated with the Avalon cluster, NSW Health is issuing a strong advisory for all people in the Northern Beaches LGA to wear a mask at all times when in indoor areas. This advisory is effective immediately, and in place for 72 hours.

This is an additional public health measure to the previous advice regarding Northern Beaches residents staying home as much as possible and avoiding high-risk venues including hospitality (e.g. cafes, pubs and restaurants), places of worship, gyms, and functions or events held at these premises.

The areas where masks should be worn include:

  • shopping centres and supermarkets
  • public transport
  • healthcare facilities
  • aged care facilities
  • workplaces

Situations where mask use is not expected include:

  • in your home
  • infants or young children unable to tolerate mask use
  • where there is a relevant medical condition

While this is currently only a strong advisory from NSW Health, we will continue to monitor the evolving situation and compliance with this advisory. Failure to adhere to the advice puts the wider community at risk and may result in a mandatory order.

There are more than 300 COVID-19 testing locations across NSW, many of which are open seven days a week. To find your nearest clinic visit COVID-19 testing clinics or contact your GP.