30 December 2021

NSW Health is urging residents to focus on good health in 2022 and to start setting healthier habits that nurture a positive mindset and a healthy and active body.

Director of Population Health and Strategic Programs, Megan Cobcroft, said while the global pandemic was far from over, the arrival of the new year provided an opportunity to rethink, refresh and restart the new year with good habits that promote healthy living.

"Many people use the new year to rethink their goals, refresh their mindset and hit the restart button to make some bold changes, but more often than not, people set unachievable goals which causes them to lose motivation, and they quickly find themselves falling back into old habits which can negatively impact on mental health," Ms Cobcroft said.

"Most of us generally understand the health impacts of drinking, smoking, poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, so we start the new year determined to take action, but adopting new habits can be challenging. We advise setting small, incremental and realistic goals and drawing on the extensive public resources we have available to support you in achieving them."

Ms Cobcroft said NSW Health will spend $31.5 million on healthy eating and active living initiatives to prevent overweight and obesity in 2021-22, including support services.

She said a further $330 million was allocated to counter drug and other substance addiction, $13.8 million for quit smoking programs and tobacco control initiatives and a record $2.68 billion in mental health services across inpatient and community settings in NSW to continue to support people in need across the state.

"NSW Health offers a free, expert health coaching service to support residents to kickstart their health goals and stick with them long term," Ms Cobcroft said. "Health coaches can help set realistic fitness and weight loss goals that encourage starting slow and gradually increasing physical activity with a focus on lifestyle changes.

"Nutrition and dietary support for weight loss is available free of charge for eligible NSW residents and can be easily accessed through a GP referral.

"NSW Health also provides support to help residents to quit smoking and manage addiction to alcohol and other drugs through publicly funded and private services across the state."

Each NSW Health local health district has a central intake line to connect people with alcohol and other drug services in that region. For more information, visit Healthy Eating Active Living

To quit smoking, speak to your GP, set a quit date and visit ICanQuit or simply dial 13 7848 (13 QUIT). For those ready to kickstart their health this new year, visit the Get Healthy Service or call 1300 806 258 for free over the phone health coaching.

To find tips on how to manage stress and anxiety over the festive season, or for resources to support wellbeing, please visit Mental health services and support contact list.